Milica Bubanja


I was born in Belgrade, when the EX-YU rock scene, alternative ways of thinking and living were thriving. I grew up between the Balkan metropolis that was then the center of culture and art and a little dormant town in Peru, bordering Ecuador, with the Pacific ocean washing its shores.

I changed five primary and two high schools, to find myself back in Belgrade with my three-year-old son when I was 23. In the following years, he was my biggest inspiration. Before turning 30, I met my husband, with whom I moved to Ljubljana after our son was born. I have been living in Ljubljana for 14 years. Moving to Slovenia marked the beginning of a calmer period in my life when I could integrate all the pieces of me and transform that adventure into my artistic expression.

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The magical reality of South America gave essence to my European spirit, turning me into some sort of modern alchemist. I express that wonder, instilled deeply in the center of my being, through my jewelry creations



In the process of creating jewelry and stories that follow it, rainforest and concrete breathe through my lungs in the same rhythm.

I’ve learned from the best jewelry masters in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Germany and adjusted those skills to my needs.

Jewelry making has its heavenly and earthly dimension, and the artist directs them with her dexterous hand. Heavenly dimension has, luckily, always been available to me. It whispered to me whenever I closed my eyes through poetry, mythology, symbols, and alternative teachings. Sometimes, my dreams are the inspiration for a unique piece of jewelry and the whole concept behind it.

I am in love with forests, rivers and seas, birds, and wild animals, which you can see in organic textures and forms that I use. I also transform the life stories of the people into custom-made pieces.

I summon my heavenly dimension and connect symbols, crystals, and forms on etheric canvas, transforming such a piece of jewelry into a

source of everyday magic